Thursday, June 17, 2010

World Cup Power Rankings: Revised Already?!

Well, when I predicted yesterday at the end of the first go-round of Round 1 that things might change in a hurry-- and particularly with regard to South Korea-- I didn't really know the half of it, did I?

It's all smiles with the Albiceleste today!

So just a quick little update to bring my rankings (slightly more) in line with reality:

1. Germany

2. Netherlands

3. Argentina

The Albiceleste (my other favorite international side besides Italy) make their debut in the Power Five and looking powerful against a well-regarded South Korean sie-- and now with the Golden Boot leader... who is NOT Lionel Messi!

4. Brazil

Wouldn't it be great to see the two South American powerhouses meet in the semis? Honestly, at this moment I don't know which one looks more impressive. We need to see another game from Brazil to learn more-- and against someone other than the "Stealth" North Korean side.

5. Switzerland

Keep hanging in there!

Aaaannnnd we say goodbye (at least for now) to:

South Korea

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