Friday, June 25, 2010

Could the USA be in an easier bracket?

Just a quick note to point out, before the Second Round gets underway....

Can you believe the teams in the USA's bracket??

We have Ghana and then the Uruguay-South Korea winner.

Now-- not to disparage to any of the teams above. But-- think about this:

No Germany.

No Argentina.

No Netherlands.

No England (again).

No Spain.

No Portugal.

No Brazil!

In fact, the USA might well be the highest-ranked side in our quarter of the brackets. I realize that Uruguay has looked very good of late-- but this was a team that barely qualified! Meanwhile, the USA won CONCACAF (for whatever that might be worth).

So-- am I saying the USA should win this bracket and make the Semifinals? Am I saying the USA will win it?


But I am saying: We have as easy of a path to the Semis as it is possible to imagine.

The door is wide open. It only remains for Team USA to seize the day and run through it.

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