Monday, September 17, 2018


Here is my (tentative) schedule for ARCHON 2018, October 12-14, 2018, in metro St Louis (Gateway Center, Collinsville, IL).


Black Panther: Making History
4 pm, Salon 4 (Gateway Center)
Discuss the cultural phenomenon and what it means for audiences and filmmakers.

Trivia Thunderdome: Celebrity Edition
7 pm, Lasalle (Gateway Center)
Come see your favorite Archon panelists and guests compete for trivia supremacy in the Geek Universe All-Star Trivia Thunderdome! Host Jim Yelton has 5 rounds of questions covering genre TV, movies, books, games, comics, and more. Categories include “Before Superheroes were Awesome,” “Trump or Ferengi,” and an entire round of ‘80’s Themed questions. 4 players enter...only one will survive!

Game of Thrones: The Last Moves to Make
9 pm, Salon 6 (Gateway Center)
One season left and anything can happen. How's it all going to end? Why does this show still grab our attention?


Author Reading with Benjamin Philip, Van Plexico, and Daniel Yezbik
10 am, Illini A (Gateway Center)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe: Beyond Infinity War
2 pm, Salon 6 (Gateway Center)
Everything is terrible and the universe is in disarray. What's going to happen next?

I'm Still Crying: Avengers: Infinity War
3 pm, Salon 6 (Gateway Center)
Grab the tissues, and let's discuss the movie.

What Made You Want to Write?
5 pm, Marquette A (Gateway Center)
Share your personal stories of why you wanted to be a writer.

Comic Books on the Silver Screen
7 pm, Salon 6 (Gateway Center)
We have 5-6 superhero movies a year now. When is it too much? Or is this just enough to sustain interest?