Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Updated DragonCon Schedule

Now with a Reading added.

Fri 04:00 pm M301 - M304 Dragon*AutoGraph 1 Hour AUTO
Fri 05:30 pm International North Politics in SF 1 Hour SFLIT
Fri 08:30 pm Fairlie Communication from Beyond 1 Hour SFLIT

Sat 10:00 am Fairlie Tolkien & Lewis Breakfast Roundtable 1 Hour SFLIT
Sat 02:30 pm Greenbriar The Dark Tower 1 Hour SFLIT
Sat 04:00 pm Williams Dragon*Reading: Van Allen Plexico 1 Hour READ
Sat 05:30 pm L508 Marvel vs DC Jeopardy 1 Hour COMICS
Sat 10:00 pm Fairlie Attack of Dead Author's Society 1 Hour SFLIT

Sun 10:00 am Greenbriar Small Press & Self-Publishing 1 Hour SFLIT
Sun 01:00 pm A703 Planet of the Apes 40th Anniversary 1 Hour CLSF
Sun 02:30 pm A703 What happened to the Sci-Fi Channel? 1 Hour CLSF
Sun 04:00 pm Greenbriar SF & Fantasy Jeopardy 1 Hour SFLIT
Sun 05:30 pm A703 King Kong: 75th Anniversary 1 Hour CLSF
Sun 07:00 pm Fairlie Look at All the Purty Pictures 1 Hour SFLIT

Mon 10:00 am Fairlie Roger Zelazny: Face of the New Wave 1 Hour SFLIT
Mon 11:30 am Greenbriar Tales of Dragaera 1 Hour SFLIT

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Last year's POLITICS IN SF panel-- me vs Ringo vs Kratman, et al

A blast from the (recent) past, to set the stage for this year's upcoming Round Three!

From the POLITICS IN SF panel at DragonCon 2007:

Dragon Con schedule 2008

Here's my tentative schedule for Dragon*Con:


Charles Tan interviews Matt Staggs

Matt Staggs, my publicist for Swarm Press, gave me (and my stable-mates) a mention near the end of his interview with Charles Tan:


Thanks, Matt!