Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Sentinels Collectible Card Game - Full List of Cards

Here is a complete list of the first full set of Sentinels Collectible Card Game cards.
If you spot an error or know of a card I have somehow missed, please let me know.
(And if you purchased a set and did not receive all the cards you expected, please let me know!)
I will post this to the Sentinels web site at White Rocket in the next couple of days.

More information and links to order the cards here.

Battle Cards

Alien Invasion
Cosmic Crisis
Government Conspiracy
HQ Takeover
Mutant Crisis
Robot Attack
SpaceTime Warp
Tech Nightmare
Villains in Disguise

Hero Cards

Esro Brachis
Star Knight

Villain Cards

Black Terror
Blue Skull
Centurion 1
Field Marshal

Neutral Cards

Anna Maldini
Mr. Jameson

Instant Cards

Alien Interference
Brought Before Galactic Council
Captured by Aliens
Cutting Loose
Defensive Force Field
Dimensional Transporter
Entity in the Box
Epic Save
Flying Monkey Robot
Francisco's Judgment
High Tech Blackmail
High Tech Rescue
Identity Revealed
Inspirational Mutant Heroics
Last Ditch Defense
Last Stand
Mutant Sneak Attack
Mystery Villain
No Mercy
Plea for Help
Power Boost
Space Gods Intervene
Spider Robots
Sword of Alatair
Verthrun Incursion
Verthrun Triumphant
Villainous Horde
Villains on the Run
Warlord Triumphant

Rare Cards

Black Terror Supreme
Brachis Empowered
Captain Mondrian
Centurion 2
Cosmic Power Overload
Devenn the Guardian
Pulsar Rising
Reward for Heroism
Shiva Energized
The Star Knights
Ultraa Reborn
Vanadium Unleashed
Victory Celebration
Warlord in Red
Wolf Empowered
Worldmind Sphere
Xorex Empowered

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Tentative 2016 DragonCon Schedule for Me

Tentative 2016 DragonCon Schedule for Van Allen Plexico

Below are events I am officially listed as hosting or participating in.
If you are looking for me during times not listed below, I will likely be at panels and events on the Sci Fi Literature track, American Sci Fi Classics track, and/or Military SF Media track.
Or in the Green Room. Or at Robot Battles. Or eating. Or asleep.

Does not include Comics and Popular Arts Conference programming.

ESO Network Hosts Meet and Greet
Thurs 10:00 pm Location: Hyatt Bar

History of SciFi
Fri 01:00 pm Location: Embassy AB - Hyatt
Lee Martindale, Chris A Jackson, Van Allen Plexico

Babylon 5 or Deep Space 9? (I'm not listed but am on it)
Fri 2:30 pm Location: Merchandise Mart 2, Room  204-B
Jamie Poff, Robert Lehnen, JoAnne Goetz, Van Allen Plexico

Everything Old is New Again (I'm not listed but am on it)
Fri 4:00 pm Location: Embassy AB - Hyatt (presumably)
Chris Jackson, Van Allen Plexico

Marvel/DC Jeopardy
Fri 7:00 pm Location: Merchandise Mart 2, Room 204-A
Van Allen Plexico

Cleopatra 2525 and Jack of All Trades: Action Hour Salute
Fri 08:30 pm Location: M103-M105 - Marriott

Bookclub-Ready Player One!
Fri 10:00 pm Location: Embassy AB - Hyatt
Van Allen Plexico, Bethany Kesler, John Hudgens

Reading: Van Allen Plexico
I will do dramatic performances from my two or three latest SF books (and possibly from one of my Auburn books).
Time: Sat 01:00 pm Location: Edgewood - Hyatt

Autograph Session: Van Allen Plexico
Time: Sat 02:30 pm Location: International Hall South - Marriott

SF Jeopardy
Sat 05:30 pm Location: Embassy AB - Hyatt
Moderator / MC for panel

Auburn vs Clemson - DragonCon Watch Party
Sat 09:00 pm Location: High Velocity - Marriott

Classic Sci-Fi Roll-A-Panel: The 80s
Sun 10:00 am Location: M103-M105 - Marriott
Michael Falkner, Van Allen Plexico

Hugo and Nebula Awards Minus Fifty
We look back half a century at the works that won the Hugos and Nebula awards in 1966.
Sun 01:00 pm Location: Embassy AB - Hyatt (Length: 1 Hour)
Moderator / MC for panel
Van Allen Plexico, Atlanta Radio Theatre Company, Bill Fawcett, Wendy S Delmater

Starship Showdown
The best starships of literature face off to find out which is the best.
Sun 05:30 pm Location: Embassy AB - Hyatt
(Tentative Panelists: Van Allen Plexico)

Highlander: There Can Be Only One 30th Anniversary
What to expect: A roomful of people singing Queen's "Princes of the Universe."
Sun 07:00 pm Location: M103-M105 - Marriott
(Tentative Panelists: Michael Falkner, Dr. Scott ViguiƩ, Van Allen Plexico)


Daredevil - The Vigilante Returns  (I'm not listed but am on it)
Mon 10:00 am Location Marriott M301-303
Eric Asher, Bethany Kesler, Gary Mitchel, Van Allen Plexico