Sunday, December 07, 2008

Comics of 2008

I have posted my thoughts on the best and worst comics of 2008 on the AvengersAssemble! board:

Thursday, December 04, 2008

25 Favorite Movies

I haven't done this in a while, so here we go:

Van's Top 25 Movies - Updated December 2008

1. Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
2. Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
3. Star Wars
4. Master & Commander: The Far Side of the World
5. Iron Man
6. Casablanca
7. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
8. The 13th Warrior
9. Serenity
10. Star Trek: The Motion Picture
11. V for Vendetta
12. Babe
13. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
14. The Crow
15. Die Hard
16. Gladiator
17. Dead Again
18. Ocean's 11 (2001)
19. Payback
20. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
21. LA Confidential
22. Return of the Jedi
23. The Empire Strikes Back
24. Henry V
25. Highlander

Recently pushed off Top 25 List:

Pulp Fiction
Raiders of the Lost Ark
X-Men 2
Captain Blood

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Secret New Project Coming...! (3 of 3)

Aaaaaannnnd finally-- picture #3.

Who is Raven?? What's this all about??

More to come...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Secret New Project Coming...! (2 of 3)

Another mystery figure... novels coming in 2009...!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kull and Solomon Kane

As much as I like the character of Solomon Kane-- the Puritan crusader who wanders the Earth, rapier and pistol at the ready -- better than any of R E Howard's other creations, I haven't enjoyed the Dark Horse comic as much as I'd hoped. It's seemed a bit muddled to me, and the pacing has been off. The art is close enough to what I'd want for the property, but it's not always clear enough as to what's going on.

Meanwhile, I've never cared much at all about Kull, the barbarian who stole a kingdom (and who mainly served as an early template for Conan's later career)...

But I picked up KULL #1 this week and found I really enjoyed it. It's a lot more in the style of what I expected the new/relaunched Howard properties from DH to be like. The writing is crisp and fast-paced and the art is perfectly suited to the character and the world.

If you like the classic Howard properties, give this one a try. Meanwhile, I hope SOLOMON KANE improves soon.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Here's a thumbnail of the preliminary cover for SENTINELS: ALTERNATE VISIONS.
The cover art is by Danny Wall (who was book designer for ASSEMBLED!), doing a riff (at my request) off of Don Heck's classic Avengers #45 cover.
This will be a regular-sized trade paperback that will contain all the short stories that have previously only appeared in the big Widescreen hardcover... plus two new Sentinels-related stories by Adrian Watts and David Wright... and two new Sentinels stories by me (Van) that bridge the gap between Sentinels volumes three and four.
That means you get stories by Ian Watson, Ron Fortier, Bobby Nash, Wayne Skiver, and more-- plus some of the great artwork that also appeared in the hardcover.
This book is tentatively scheduled for early 2009! More info as it becomes available, posted here and at the Sentinels site:

Sunday, November 09, 2008


If you're into European or world soccer, and are looking to choose a team to support, but you don't know much at all about the socio-political situations surrounding each team... and you care at all about history, or at least you care at all about the perceptions of those around you who *know* the history of these teams... Then you need to get a copy of Franklin Foer's HOW SOCCER EXPLAINS THE WORLD and read it cover to cover.

I wish I had before I chose the teams I'd follow!

Operating mostly on ignorance and what little I gathered from watching Setanta and FSC, reading a few FOUR FOUR TWO magazines and surfing the Web, I somewhat arbitrarily decided I liked the following clubs, among others: Chelsea (England), Real Madrid (Spain), Inter Milan (Italy), and Rangers (Scotland). Likewise I decided I did *not* like, among others, Barcelona.

Now that I have read most of Foer's book, I feel sort of foolish.

Because now I am mostly convinced that I should support Barcelona and hate Real Madrid... that I should stay as far away from Rangers (and Celtic, too, for that matter) as possible... and that I never, ever should have chosen Chelsea as my favorite club of all.
And this is not just because of Foer arguing in favor of his personal preferences--though he does, to a degree. It's because of the *history* of these clubs that he lays out in very clear and persuasive fashion.

England: Chelsea, as it turns out, were long the favored team of English neo-Nazis and crazy fascist bastards. Their squads of savage hooligans (such as the Chelsea Headhunters) left the other English teams' hooligans in the dust. The only saving grace for me is that this seems to have receded in recent years, and of course today the club is owned by a Russian Jew. So maybe I can keep my Chelsea jerseys and continue to support the Blues in good conscience, anyway.

Scotland: Rangers and Celtic, who were both appealing to me as a (part) Scotsman, turn out to have hordes of crazy fanatics on both sides, singing about being "up to their knees" in each other's blood and chanting horrendous things about the Pope, for example. After reading the chapter on Rangers and Celtic, my revulsion at their religious conflict was such that I want nothing to do with either of these Scottish league powers.

Italy: I'm not sure about Inter Milan, but Foer lays out a clear case that I did better choosing them than going with either of the more popular sides in Italy. Juventus essentially is owned by the Fiat car company and has been involved in corrupt government manipulation for decades. AC Milan has served mainly as a political platform for the apparently very corrupt Italian premier (Berlusconi). Neither comes off very well in the book.

Spain: And finally, and possibly worst of all, Real Madrid and Barcelona. I chose Real Madrid last year as my Liga team after watching replays of the previous season on Gol TV and watching them chase down Barcelona and win the title on the last day. They played with panache and their defense included the captain of the World Cup champions, Fabio Cannavaro--and Italy is my (non-US) national team. So I got a Madrid Cannavaro jersey.


First there's the history. Turns out that Madrid were the team of Franco and the Castillian fascists, while Barcelona have always been more sophisticated and cosmopolitan. Barca's team colors come from the French Revolutionary flag. By contrast, Madrid seems extremely unsavory. Yikes. Strike one on Madrid!

Also turns out that Madrid are the Yankees and Barcelona are the Red Sox. And since I'm an Auburn (not Alabama) fan and a Red Sox (not Yankees) fan, and thus tend to associate myself with the more "underdog" team in a rivalry... clearly I had no business going with Madrid. Strike two on Madrid.

And finally, Barcelona is the only side in Europe to not sell the front of their jerseys for money-- when they finally put something on the front, it was UNICEF. Now that's cool. They're cosmopolitan and proudly Catalan, but not violently so (unlike, say, the Basques). They have a team museum but it's filled with art, not just shoes and soccer balls and trophies. In fact, during the Spanish Civil War, Franco's guys bombed the Barcelona museum to destroy Barca's trophies. Strike three on Madrid!

I won't drop Chelsea, and Inter survived this book intact, but I won't be buying that Rangers jersey now... and the Madrid jersey may go in the trash. Certainly I'm switching to Barca and getting one of their red and blue jerseys asap.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Breakaway Day!

Happy Breakaway Day, everyone!

Actually, we're at Breakaway + 9 years, but who's counting? :-)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Updated DragonCon Schedule

Now with a Reading added.

Fri 04:00 pm M301 - M304 Dragon*AutoGraph 1 Hour AUTO
Fri 05:30 pm International North Politics in SF 1 Hour SFLIT
Fri 08:30 pm Fairlie Communication from Beyond 1 Hour SFLIT

Sat 10:00 am Fairlie Tolkien & Lewis Breakfast Roundtable 1 Hour SFLIT
Sat 02:30 pm Greenbriar The Dark Tower 1 Hour SFLIT
Sat 04:00 pm Williams Dragon*Reading: Van Allen Plexico 1 Hour READ
Sat 05:30 pm L508 Marvel vs DC Jeopardy 1 Hour COMICS
Sat 10:00 pm Fairlie Attack of Dead Author's Society 1 Hour SFLIT

Sun 10:00 am Greenbriar Small Press & Self-Publishing 1 Hour SFLIT
Sun 01:00 pm A703 Planet of the Apes 40th Anniversary 1 Hour CLSF
Sun 02:30 pm A703 What happened to the Sci-Fi Channel? 1 Hour CLSF
Sun 04:00 pm Greenbriar SF & Fantasy Jeopardy 1 Hour SFLIT
Sun 05:30 pm A703 King Kong: 75th Anniversary 1 Hour CLSF
Sun 07:00 pm Fairlie Look at All the Purty Pictures 1 Hour SFLIT

Mon 10:00 am Fairlie Roger Zelazny: Face of the New Wave 1 Hour SFLIT
Mon 11:30 am Greenbriar Tales of Dragaera 1 Hour SFLIT

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Last year's POLITICS IN SF panel-- me vs Ringo vs Kratman, et al

A blast from the (recent) past, to set the stage for this year's upcoming Round Three!

From the POLITICS IN SF panel at DragonCon 2007:

Dragon Con schedule 2008

Here's my tentative schedule for Dragon*Con:

Charles Tan interviews Matt Staggs

Matt Staggs, my publicist for Swarm Press, gave me (and my stable-mates) a mention near the end of his interview with Charles Tan:

Thanks, Matt!

Friday, July 25, 2008

New SENTINELS web site!

I've set up a new page just for the SENTINELS, complete with the short story I wrote for A THOUSAND FACES magazine and all of Chris Kohler's interior art for books 1 and 2.

Beware! This story is set sometime after the events of book 3, so if you haven't read the first trilogy yet, you may want to do so before doing anything more than just looking at Chris's art!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Best Superhero Movie and TV Show Ever? asked me the question: "What was the best Superhero movie and TV show ever?" My answer, along with those of other writers in related genres, can be found here:

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Mars is back underway

Okay, after having real trouble finding time or energy to work on Mars McCoy, it is now back underway-- in a big way. The book is nearly half-done, but most of the serious plotting work is finished-- now it only remains to write the thing down.

My goal is to have Mars wrapped up by the end of September. We shall see.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Comicon PULSE Interview

Jen at Comicon's THE PULSE interviewed me this week about the new SENTINELS editions from Swarm Press:;f=36;t=007280

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Chris Kohler art from SENTINELS 3: APOCALYPSE RISING!

Here's another preview to whet your appetite for the carnage that is to come in SENTINELS (vol. 3): APOCALYPSE RISING!

And is this not awesome??

I asked Chris to show the "Warlord in Red" and the regular (blue) Warlord locked in fierce battle in an alien desert, while Francisco lurks, awaiting the outcome, his dagger at the ready. In the background is the latest machine created by the Warlord-- which can't be good at all for the Earth!

Chris used Rob Davis's recent sketch of the Warlord and Francisco as models for two of the characters, with the Jiminez design of the original Warlord for the other, so you can tell them apart in black & white. A nice touch!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Quick Thoughts on HeroesCon 2008

Some quick thoughts on HeroesCon 2008:

* The main event: We had a pretty good crowd for the primary thing I flew out there for: the "Avengers Assembled!" panel on Saturday at 3 pm-- especially considering that it started out listed as Friday, then changed to Sunday, and finally ended up on Saturday. The fact that anyone figured out where and when it was held (including me) was a miracle.

I led a general "Avengers" discussion for about a half hour, touching on topics such as Bendis, Iron Man, Secret Invasion, the way almost all of the Marvel line is now one big story, and so on. Then I talked about the ASSEMBLED! book for a few minutes, by which time the HERO Initiative rep had arrived. He talked briefly about what the charity does, and then I presented him with a check for $1,200.00 for the profits the book has earned to date.

Here's a photo of the check presentation:

FWIW: I ended up stuffing the big check in the trash. After, of course, handing over a real, normal-sized one. :-)

* In other news: The con was okay, but not as good (IMO) as the other two I attended. Seemed like a smaller crowd, and folks didn't much want to spend money (probably trying to save enough to be able to buy gas to drive home!) Guy Davis was right across from me and had a pretty long line all weekend, and indeed it seemed most folks were spending what they had on sketches and art commissions.

* Chuck at interviewed me as part of his daily podcast series from the con.
My episode is here:
I haven't heard it yet, so I'm sure I'll sound ridiculous. Plus, the first take was better, but Chuck discovered halfway through that his high-tech device wasn't recording! So we had to do it over. Oh well!

* I did sell twelve copies of ASSEMBLED!, including eight at my table over the course of the weekend and four more at the panel. Toss in several copies of the other books and it was a decent show-- about a hundred bucks below my last few cons' average, but since this was a comics convention and folks appeared scared off by all the *text* in the books, I guess that's not bad.

Several folks came up to get the copies they already had signed, which was pretty cool. Lavish praise was handed out for all the contributors, so you folks who wrote the chapters should feel... um... lavishly praised! :-)

* I ran into Two Morrows Publishing's Eric Nolen-Weathington, an acquaintance of mine from a few other convention panels over the last few years, and we discussed a couple of interesting ideas I'll keep under wraps for now. We'll see what comes of it.

* Along similar lines-- One guy who came up to my table had a *thick* book he'd done himself-- a comprehensive history of the minor villains of the DC Universe, I think. He gave me a copy. It has tons of illustrations on every page and is like 600 pages long. He wants to publish it but is afraid of getting sued by DC. He was wondering how we managed not to get sued by Marvel. I said: 1) Almost no pics; 2) profits for a comics-related charity, and 3) probably small-beans enough not to attract the wrong kind of notice. Plus it's a general commentary book, and lots of those get published all the time.

I encountered quite a few other folks of both recent and long-time acquaintance, from Chuck at Comics Related to the "Likely Stories" gang to Danielle and a couple of other DragonCon folks, and many more (including a small but growing group of individual folks who seem to run into me at every convention and have read all the Sentinels books so far-- now that is cool!).

My table-neighbors were Kent Archer and his girlfriend; Kent is the inker of DR McNINJA, and he had quite a few fans coming up to get sketches and buy books over the weekend (I picked up a copy myself). They were super-nice-- they'd driven all the way from Boston!-- and it was great having them to talk with.

The one thing I always feel aggravated about at HeroesCon is that I still don't have an actual *comic book* of the Sentinels to sell. Dozens of people came up, looked very excited, flipped open WARLORD, and walked away upon encountering *text*. *sigh* But I'm working on addressing that very situation presently. Yes, a Sentinels comic book may be coming in the next few months. We shall see.

All in all: a decently fun weekend, some okay sales, and lots of friends and acquaintances to chat with. Not too bad a weekend.

Heroes Con ASSEMBLED! Check Presentation

At HeroesCon on Saturday I presented the HERO Initiative charity with a check for $1,200.00, the profits earned thus far by the ASSEMBLED! book I edited, written by the Jarvis Heads of

A nice crowd witnessed the handover of the check and I thank all who attended. We should have another check for them sooner or later, from both more ASSEMBLED! sales and from the upcoming ASSEMBLED! 2.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Off to HeroesCon!

Heading out Thursday afternoon for Charlotte and HeroesCon. Hope to see some of you there!

Friday, June 13, 2008

HeroesCon 2008

Just got word of the location of my table at HeroesCon in Charlotte next weekend: SP-34, otherwise known as table 34 in the Small Press section of "Indie Island." Looks like that's against the wall near the Brevard St. entrance.

If you're coming to HeroesCon, stop by and say hello! I will have copies of the ASSEMBLED! book for sale, along with the new Swarm Press edition of SENTINELS: WHEN STRIKES THE WARLORD (plus James Palmer's VOICES FOR THE CURE and Mark Bousquet's DREAMER'S SYNDROME).

On Saturday at 3 pm, I'll be on an Avengers-themed panel and will present the HERO Initiative with the check from all the money the book has raised in the past year.

Hope to see some of you there!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Runnin' with the Chaos Horde

I've been holding off on posting here lately until I regain access to Photoshop, so I could post more of Chris's artwork from the new SENTINELS books. But that still hasn't happened. So I felt I could at least post an update on what I'm working on at the moment.

Right now it's all MARS McCOY AND THE CHAOS HORDE.

I'm hoping to finish the first draft of that one in a couple of months. It's looking like a publisher may be lined up for it, so I really need to knock it out and turn it in. Plus, folks are beginning to clamor for SENTINELS vol 4: THE SHIVA ADVENT. (I don't think "clamor" is too much of an exaggeration, really...)

So: Back here soon with more artwork from the Sentinels books, and then with some preview sections from the Mars book. Stay tuned!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Back Soon!

Sorry for the long absence, folks! We're moving into a new house and haven't had an Internet connection for several days. Scary!!! But things are coming together now, and I'll be posting more updates and art previews and the like very soon.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jameson vs .... ???

Here's Chris Kohler's pencil sketch of what will be the first illustration in SENTINELS (vol. 3): APOCALYPSE RISING.

Jameson, the shadowy US Government official who heads up paranormal agent ops, is confronted at his desk by two exo-skeleton-clad... people...??

Who are they?? How did they get into the Pentagon??

Read APOCALYPSE RISING! Coming in August from Swarm Press!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Full cover for WARLORD posted!

Swarm Press has posted the full cover to SENTINELS: WHEN STRIKES THE WARLORD on their Message Board:

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Francisco (and the Warlord) from the SENTINELS

It's Francisco and his boss (??), the Warlord, from the first SENTINELS story arc, The Grand Design.

This is one of the sketches Rob Davis created for me at Windy City Con in Chicago.

I think he absolutely nailed Francisco. A sort of "Zathras meets the (old-school) Toad" look.

And check out what he's carrying...

Ravenor Reviewed

First in a series of posts/links of my articles and reviews from around the Web--
THE RAVENOR TRILOGY from Dan Abnett, reviewed for

  • Ravenor Rogue finds Inquisitor Gideon Ravenor still hot on the trail of the heretic Zygmund Molotch, who trafficks with demons and aliens and whatever else the kids are doing today. Molotch has escaped Ravenor so many times, one might think him a former member of the A-Team. So now the Empire has ordered Ravenor to pack it in, fold up his tent, and call off the dogs (surely alien, telepathic mutant cyborg dogs, this being the Warhammer 40K universe).
Read the review here.

Monday, May 05, 2008

SENTINELS Press Release from Swarm Press

Just saw this for the first time today, so I thought I'd repost it here and elsewhere.

From: Permuted Press
Date: Tuesday, April 22, 2008 8:07 PM
Subject: SENTINELS superhero novel series now available for pre-order!

Pre-order the exciting small press reissue of Van Allen Plexico's highly praised superhero novels SENTINELS (Vols. 1 - 3)!

Sentinels: When Strikes the Warlord
Ultraa... Pulsar... Vanadium... Esro Brachis... Who are the Sentinels?
From the moment Lyn Li foils an attempt to kidnap her from her own college campus, she is plunged into a new world, and a new life. Working--and battling--alongside a brilliant inventor, a famous super hero, and an enigmatic alien powerhouse, Lyn will confront the monstrous menace of the Warlord and his minions. When at last they clash atop his vast, floating city, can the world itself survive? Equal parts old-fashioned pulp adventure, comics-style super hero action, and science fiction wonderment, SENTINELS: WHEN STRIKES THE WARLORD has something for everyone who enjoys a brisk, fast-paced journey into excitement.
($14.95 - Available June 2008)

Sentinels: A Distant Star
After helping to save the world, all Esro Brachis wanted was a little peace and quiet. Then the giant robot attacked. And the alien warships landed in his back yard. And then things got really crazy. At least he has a beautiful alien warrior woman at his side--if only she didn't want to kill him! SENTINELS: A DISTANT STAR continues the journey and the excitement in a bigger, bolder adventure, with all your favorite heroes and villains back for more... and with many new wonders to encounter!
($14.95 - Available July 2008)

Sentinels: Apocalypse Rising
Menaced by no fewer than three alien invasion forces, the Earth cries out for its heroes. But the Sentinels have vanished! And now Pulsar stands alone, down but not defeated, and determined to rescue her teammates... and her world. APOCALYPSE RISING is a dynamic and gripping novel in its own right--and the climactic chapter in the Sentinels saga!
($14.95 - Available August 2008)

Pre-order all 3 novels with free shipping from Swarm Press now!


About Van Allen Plexico:
Van is a political science professor and a freelance writer/editor. He has lived in Atlanta, Singapore, Alabama, and Washington, DC, and now resides in the St. Louis area. In addition to the SENTINELS series, he created the long-running and popular AvengersAssemble! Web site (located at and edited two volumes of ASSEMBLED!, an Avengers retrospective to benefit the HERO Initiative charity. A member of the Pulp Factory, he also chronicles the adventures of Mars McCoy and other pulp adventure characters. Van can be reached at for questions, comments, or interviews.

About Swarm Press:
Swarm Press, a newly formed imprint of Permuted Press, is an independent publisher of genre fiction. Swarm is hard at work on an amazing multi-genre lineup for 2008 including several superhero and comic book-ish novels. Please contact Jacob Kier at with questions or comments.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Free Comic Book Day

The four of us hit the comic shop in Belleville, IL, around noon for Free Comic Book Day. They had tons of folks in there, and two local artists doing sketches for the little kids. (I spoke with one briefly about doing some work in the future with me...)

I picked up free issues of HELLBOY, Steve Rude's THE MOTH, and ALL STAR SUPERMAN #1. Maddie got OWLY and TINY TITANS and something else. I tried to convince Ami to get a couple for me (the limit was 3 per person), but she got more for Maddie instead. Oh well! The benefits of being nine!

Later I picked up Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War computer game. Not that I will ever have any time at all to play it, but I love the WH40K universe and this lets you be the Tau! They're an alien race of soldiers who all wear armor that's sort of a cross between Stormtroopers and Iron Man. How could I resist that? Now to see if I ever actually play it...

(The way Dan Abnett portrays the WH40K universe has had a lot of influence on the way I'm writing Mars McCoy. I intend it to read like a vintage pulp revival book, but some of the mood and ideas I'm carrying over from what I've absorbed from Abnett-- whose work I tremendously enjoy and respect.)

Sentinels: When Strikes the Warlord cover

Here's the cover to the Swarm Press edition of SENTINELS (vol. 1): When Strikes the Warlord. It should be out sometime in June and can be preordered here with free shipping.

More Mars McCoy today

At some point today, I will be turning my attention to MARS McCOY AND THE CHAOS HORDE.

The book is pretty much plotted out. I've written the first six chapters or so. I understand the main villain and his motivations. Things are rolling right along.

I'm very excited to have created a nemesis for Mars. And I think he's one who works perfectly as Mars's opposite and protagonist, in every way. I hope so!

Here's a hint: His name is Deimos. Except when it's not... Heh.

Gosh, I'd have loved to have this book done and with me at Windy City. Folks there would have eaten it up.

More news soon about the changes we've made in its upcoming publication. Plus news on cover artist, interior artist, etc. Lots to talk about with Mars!

The obligatory Iron Man movie post

Amazing, fantastic, etc etc.

I'd love to write a review of this movie, especially considering he's my all-time favorite comics character. But.... I know I could never be anything other than totally subjective about it. I have no perspective on the subject. I am seeing it through red-and-gold-colored lenses, so to speak.

So suffice to say I absolutely adored it and am going to see it again in a few hours, this afternoon.

And I can't wait for #2, when maybe he'll fight a villain that isn't essentially just like him.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

SENTINELS: A DISTANT STAR Interior Art preview!

Here's a tiny little teaser preview of the great art coming in from Chris Kohler for the Swarm Press edition of SENTINELS (vol. 2): A DISTANT STAR.


SENTINELS volume 4 teaser tidbits

If you're looking forward to SENTINELS: THE SHIVA ADVENT (due later this year from Swarm Press), here are a couple of tidbits to get you interested (I hope)-- four important new characters who will make their debuts in those pages:

Anna Maldini

Stephen McClaren



Who are these people? And for that matter, are they all actually "people?" And if not...?!

More to come!

I also hope to have another Sentinels short story that bridges the gap between books 3 and 4 in A THOUSAND FACES magazine soon. The story "Spearhead of Invasion" appeared in their third issue, earlier this year, and you can read it here:

Note that it, too, introduces at least one new supporting character to the Sentinels universe...

Windy City Con

Ron Fortier has posted some pics and such from this past weekend's WIND CITY PULP AND PAPERBACK CONVENTION over at the Pulp Factory blog:

I was there, networking and selling books and enjoying the great company-- Ron Fortier, Rob Davis, Doug Klauba, Wayne Reinagel, and more.

That's me in the Chelsea jersey.

What I'm working on now

At present, I am:

* Editing ASSEMBLED! 2 for White Rocket Books

* Writing MARS McCOY AND THE CHAOS HORDE for Ron Fortier and Airship 27 Productions

* Plotting SENTINELS (vol. 4): THE SHIVA ADVENT for Swarm Press

* Revising the interiors and receiving interior art (from Chris Kohler) for all three existing SENTINELS novels for Swarm Press

* Re-writing LUCIAN: DARK GOD'S HOMECOMING (no publisher attached as of yet) (more info coming soon!)

* Re-plotting (?!) and re-writing ALPHA/OMEGA (no publisher attached as of yet) (ditto)

* Plotting the HAND OF THE MACHINE series (double ditto)

There's what I think to be some exciting stuff here. Can't wait to say more about it. Soon...

Recent books I've read

I plan to post a much longer list soon, listing all the books I've read over the past five years. I'm curious to see what folks think of them.

But, for now, here are a few quick listings-- favorite books I've read in the past few months, all of which have been in some way influential upon my writing:

The RAVENOR trilogy by Dan Abnett

THE NUTMEG OF CONSOLATION by Patrick O'Brian (#14 in the amazing, 20-book series)

CELL by Stephen King
(An interesting zombie novel, but not one of my favorite works by King. I gave this one away at OmegaCon in March after I finished it.)

NAPOLEON'S PYRAMIDS by William Dietrich
(Very influential for what I'm planning to do with SENTINELS vol. 4: THE SHIVA ADVENT!)

Many more coming soon...

Plexico Blog 2.0

So clearly I haven't updated this blog since I first created it. But that's all about to change. I have lots of news to share with my growing base of readers and this is the place I plan to post it first. More coming very soon!