Saturday, May 03, 2008

Free Comic Book Day

The four of us hit the comic shop in Belleville, IL, around noon for Free Comic Book Day. They had tons of folks in there, and two local artists doing sketches for the little kids. (I spoke with one briefly about doing some work in the future with me...)

I picked up free issues of HELLBOY, Steve Rude's THE MOTH, and ALL STAR SUPERMAN #1. Maddie got OWLY and TINY TITANS and something else. I tried to convince Ami to get a couple for me (the limit was 3 per person), but she got more for Maddie instead. Oh well! The benefits of being nine!

Later I picked up Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War computer game. Not that I will ever have any time at all to play it, but I love the WH40K universe and this lets you be the Tau! They're an alien race of soldiers who all wear armor that's sort of a cross between Stormtroopers and Iron Man. How could I resist that? Now to see if I ever actually play it...

(The way Dan Abnett portrays the WH40K universe has had a lot of influence on the way I'm writing Mars McCoy. I intend it to read like a vintage pulp revival book, but some of the mood and ideas I'm carrying over from what I've absorbed from Abnett-- whose work I tremendously enjoy and respect.)

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