Thursday, May 01, 2008

Recent books I've read

I plan to post a much longer list soon, listing all the books I've read over the past five years. I'm curious to see what folks think of them.

But, for now, here are a few quick listings-- favorite books I've read in the past few months, all of which have been in some way influential upon my writing:

The RAVENOR trilogy by Dan Abnett

THE NUTMEG OF CONSOLATION by Patrick O'Brian (#14 in the amazing, 20-book series)

CELL by Stephen King
(An interesting zombie novel, but not one of my favorite works by King. I gave this one away at OmegaCon in March after I finished it.)

NAPOLEON'S PYRAMIDS by William Dietrich
(Very influential for what I'm planning to do with SENTINELS vol. 4: THE SHIVA ADVENT!)

Many more coming soon...

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