Saturday, June 13, 2020

Final Results of the 2020 Team Draft

Six "general managers" (from took part in the "Team Draft," as we went in serpentine order (1-6, then 6-1, then 1-6 and so on), each choosing any Marvel character to put on our six separate AVENGERS teams.
The general managers were Van Allen Plexico, Mark Beaulieu, Rob Clough, Joe Crowe, Scott Harris-King, and Luke Smith.

You can watch the entire event on YouTube

Here are the six teams we assembled during the Draft.
I drew names to determine the draft order, with the results being the order they're listed in below. (Luke drafted first, then Mark, down to me at 6, then I drafted a second time (7th) and it worked its way back up to Luke for pick 12.)

Note: One theme that emerged was to draft a villain, whom we then declared had "reformed" and become a hero, in the tradition of Hawkeye and Black Widow and Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, etc.

1. Hulk (smart)
2. Wasp
3. Juggernaut
4. Valkyrie (Jane Foster)
5. Kang (Iron Lad era)
6. Ms Marvel (K Khan)
7. Percy Pinkerton (Howling Commandos)

1. Captain America
2. Beast (late 1970s)
3. Storm (late 1970s)
4. Hellcat
5. Songbird
6. Hercules
7. Red She-Hulk

1. Mockingbird
2. Stingray
3. Thor Frog (not Thor as a frog)
4. Jocasta
5. Dr Voodoo
6. Moonstone
7. Edwin Jarvis

1. Hawkeye
2. Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau)
3. Squirrel Girl
4. Ultron Mark 12 (the good Ultron from AWC)
5. Clea (as ruler of the Dark Dimension)
6. Cable
7. Doop

1. Iron Man
2. Black Panther
3. Scarlet Witch
4. Stature (Cassie Lang)
5. The Shroud
6. Thundra (from Avengers Forever)
7. Captain Universe

1. Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell from 1981)
2. Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers from Busiek/Perez/Brian Reed era)
3. The Thing
4. The Vision (late 1970s)
5. Gladiator (Shi'ar Imperial Guard)
6. The Crimson Dynamo
7. Mam'selle Hepzibah (Starjammers)

Undrafted: Thor, Wonder Man, many others!

Also on my draft list, but I ran out of room:  Quasar (Phyla-Vell), Warlock, Jack of Hearts, Moon Knight, Nova (Rich Rider), Sif, Gamora, Polaris, Havok.

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