Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Chris Kohler art from SENTINELS 3: APOCALYPSE RISING!

Here's another preview to whet your appetite for the carnage that is to come in SENTINELS (vol. 3): APOCALYPSE RISING!

And is this not awesome??

I asked Chris to show the "Warlord in Red" and the regular (blue) Warlord locked in fierce battle in an alien desert, while Francisco lurks, awaiting the outcome, his dagger at the ready. In the background is the latest machine created by the Warlord-- which can't be good at all for the Earth!

Chris used Rob Davis's recent sketch of the Warlord and Francisco as models for two of the characters, with the Jiminez design of the original Warlord for the other, so you can tell them apart in black & white. A nice touch!

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