Friday, November 14, 2008


Here's a thumbnail of the preliminary cover for SENTINELS: ALTERNATE VISIONS.
The cover art is by Danny Wall (who was book designer for ASSEMBLED!), doing a riff (at my request) off of Don Heck's classic Avengers #45 cover.
This will be a regular-sized trade paperback that will contain all the short stories that have previously only appeared in the big Widescreen hardcover... plus two new Sentinels-related stories by Adrian Watts and David Wright... and two new Sentinels stories by me (Van) that bridge the gap between Sentinels volumes three and four.
That means you get stories by Ian Watson, Ron Fortier, Bobby Nash, Wayne Skiver, and more-- plus some of the great artwork that also appeared in the hardcover.
This book is tentatively scheduled for early 2009! More info as it becomes available, posted here and at the Sentinels site:


FSJL said...

Nice cover! That's some serious pulp/comic sensibility.

James said...

Great classic comic cover.