Monday, June 14, 2010

World Cup of Beers: Group A Draw and Results

WORLD CUP OF BEERS: Group round-robin play begins with the first draw and the first blind taste test.


  • Australia (Foster's Lager)

  • Scotland (Belhaven Ale)

  • Brazil (Xingu)

  • China (Tsingtao)

Group A results:

Australia (Foster's) defeats all three of the others to earn first place with 9 points. This beer was smooth enough to defeat rival light pilsners / lagers such as Tsingtao as well as richer beers such as Xingu.

Brazil (Xingu Black Beer) defeats China and Scotland to grab second place and move on as well. It was quite stout but smooth enough to hold its own, and with no negative aftertaste.

Scotland (Belhaven) fell just short against Brazil (Xingu) to miss second place and a ticket out of the group. It had a lot of body but the hoppy aftertaste was too much.

And China (Tsingtao) failed to score a single point. Not good.

Final results for Group A (top two beers move on; bottom two are eliminated):

1. AUSTRALIA (Foster's) 9 points

2. BRAZIL (Xingu) 6 points

3. SCOTLAND (Belhaven) 3 points

4. CHINA (Tsingtao) 0 points

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