Monday, June 28, 2010

World Cup of Beer: Group B Draw and Results!

Group B in the World Cup of Beers drew as follows:

  • Mexico (Pacifico Clara)

  • Jamaica (Red Stripe)

  • Japan (Asahi Super Dry)

  • England (Newcastle Brown Ale)

Group B Results:

Northern England celebrates! The England qualifier, Newcastle Brown Ale, swept through group play like..., well, like Brazil through actual World Cup soccer group play, winning all nine possible points on three victories to win Group B easily.

Pacifico Clara, the shock Mexican qualifier, collapsed at crunch time. Unable to compete on the big stage, it exited quietly with only a single point, earned in a tough drawn match against Japan's Asahi.

The Japanese qualifier, Asahi, managed to grind out two draws but, with only two points earned, exited quietly.

Second place in Group B went to Jamaica's Red Stripe, who took down Mexico's beer and eked out a draw with Japan's to earn four points, thus moving on in the competition to the knockout phase.


England (Newcastle) 3 3 3 __ 9

Jamaica (Red Stripe) 3 0 1 __ 4

Japan (Asahi) 0 1 1 __ 2

Mexico (Pacifico Clara) 0 1 0 __ 1

Group C coming soon!


Vodkashok said...

This is, of course, the correct result, although I have fond memories of ice cold Red Stripe from my college days.

dalgoda7 said...

Blaaarghh, Pacifico exiting vs. Asashi? Man! I'd have a hard time with Pacifico vs. Newcastle, though... those are probably my two favorite mass market imports!

Van Allen Plexico said...

I was stunned, frankly, at how this played out. I *love* Dos Equis lager and could not *believe* it when Pacifico Clara, which I'd never tasted before the Mexican Qualifying round, beat it out. And then, in this Group B play, Pacifico suddenly tasted like fish oil to me (which Asahi pretty much always does). Maybe I got hold of a bad bottle this time around. But then, soccer teams have bad days, too, and the results must be honored.

Unknown said...

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