Saturday, May 03, 2008

More Mars McCoy today

At some point today, I will be turning my attention to MARS McCOY AND THE CHAOS HORDE.

The book is pretty much plotted out. I've written the first six chapters or so. I understand the main villain and his motivations. Things are rolling right along.

I'm very excited to have created a nemesis for Mars. And I think he's one who works perfectly as Mars's opposite and protagonist, in every way. I hope so!

Here's a hint: His name is Deimos. Except when it's not... Heh.

Gosh, I'd have loved to have this book done and with me at Windy City. Folks there would have eaten it up.

More news soon about the changes we've made in its upcoming publication. Plus news on cover artist, interior artist, etc. Lots to talk about with Mars!

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Just to note that I've added you to my blogroll, Van.