Monday, May 24, 2010

World Cup Teams as US College Football Programs, Part 2

Today we present the second half of my look at World Cup soccer teams as compared with American college football programs:

Brazil: USC Trojans
All the talent and a great system. When they *aren't* great, it's a mystery why not. (And recently, leaning more heavily on great DEFENSE, too.)

Germany: Nebraska Cornhuskers (until recently)
Big, slow guys just plugging away with willpower and determination and a boring tactical system.

Italy: Florida State Seminoles
Some flashy individual offensive players, a very solid defensive reputation, but some big egos, too. Haven't won as many titles as they maybe should've.

Spain: Auburn Tigers
The best team not to win the official title (in AU's case, for over 50 years).
Some great players over the years, but something... something inexplicable and heartbreaking and just unfair...SOMEthing... always happens.

England: Texas Longhorns
Rabid fan base; big names and history; practically invented the sport; but just one title in the modern era.
(Does that make Scotland Texas A&M? No, more like Baylor.)

(The "getting drunk and making a lot of noise in the stands" aspect could bring in LSU, too.)

Argentina: Miami Hurricanes
Some big titles and great players a few years back... titles won under sort of dubious
circumstances... but don't cross paths with 'em in a dark alley!

USA: West Virginia Mountaineers
Horrible just forever, but maybe finally getting pretty good. Pulled a few upsets last time. (Could also make a case for USA being the North Carolina Tarheels-- the fans back home are numerous and rabid-- but about a different sport.)

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