Monday, May 17, 2010

World Cup Teams as US College Football Programs, Part 1

For today's "Countdown to the World Cup" entry, I'm going to look at some of the perennial World Cup national teams (sides) and how I would compare them to the panoply of American college football-- similarities, styles, histories, etc. Bear with me here and I think you'll see what I mean:

Mexico: Texas A&M Aggies
All the pieces are there, but they can't quite get to the next
level--and lately, the local rival's started beating them down, too.

Portugal: Georgia Bulldogs
Generations of great players, colorful and fun to watch, but they
never seem to win the big one. Upset by USA in 2002 was like South
Carolina knocking off the Dawgs at the start of several seasons.

Paraguay: Virginia Tech Hokies
No-name players playing great defense and special teams, and find away
to win (or at least draw).

Uruguay: Army Black Knights
Some great champions, but so far in the past that hardly anyone
remembers anymore.

South Korea: BYU Cougars
They run around and around and around and finally you're exhausted
just *watching* them...

Netherlands: Florida Gators
Came out of nowhere a while back, with some flashy players in a flashy
system. But not a whole lot of hardware to show for it, over the

France: Colorado Buffaloes (or Georgia Tech Yellowjackets)
Sucked sucked sucked sucked CHAMPIONS aaaand back to sucking...

Saudi Arabia: SMU Mustangs
They get their teeth kicked in by everybody, but then they get to ride
back home in really expensive cars.

Costa Rica, Ecuador, Tunisia, Angola, etc: Division 1-AA
Can rise up and shock a 1-A team every now and then, but aren't
getting into the BCS.

So there's the bottom half of the list. Next time: The top half, including the top soccer teams on Earth-- and the USA!

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