Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Countdown to Countdown to 30 Days of World Cup Eating

JUNE 11 is Day One of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

It can't get here soon enough.

Each day of the Cup, I will be posting my thoughts -- not so much about the sports event as about the countries, the craziness, the food I'm eating while watching, the drinks I'm drinking while watching, and what Ami, Maddie, and Mira and I are doing.

If you were reading this space when I did this in 2006, you probably had a good time. (I certainly got lots of great comments from readers.) Highlights (and lowlights) included making fun of the trophy, discussing the walking pneumonia I had through most of the tourney, deciding which beer would be named Official Beer of the 2006 World Cup (the winner was DOS EQUIS), talking about the crazy English ex-pat fans I hung out with at the Irish pub in Atlanta, conducting a World Cup of Best Atlanta Venues to Eat and Watch the Games, and commenting on the psychedelic, drug-addled German mascot, among many other features. We also kept track of how much weight I was gaining each day-- though the pneumonia played havoc with that. (Fortunately??)

My partner in crime for part of the shenanigans was fellow Southerner and fellow soccer fan David Wright. I'm hoping to rope him back in for more fun this time around, if only remotely.

Thirty days prior to the beginning of the Cup (or on May 11, actually), I will begin posting my daily "Countdown to the Thirty Days of World Cup Eating." (Notice how the title keeps changing? Yeah, me too.)

But today, since I just can't wait any longer, I'm kicking things off officially-- with my "COUNTDOWN TO THE COUNTDOWN TO THIRTY DAYS OF WORLD CUP EATING."

Today's topic: Potential Eating & Drinking Venues for the 2010 Thirty Days.

Now that I'm relocated to St. Louis, all my old options are out the window. That means no La Cazuela (the 2006 champs), no Loafing Leprechaun, no Old Towne Tavern, and no hotel bar in Charlotte, NC.

This year we're probably looking at contenders that will include:

* Buffalo Wild Wings (Belleville, IL)
* The Irish pub in downtown Belleville whose name escapes me
* DiCarlo's in Red Bud (if they have a TV..! If only I'd been able to watch Italy win it all with them last time!)
* Tigin Irish Pub in St Louis
* ...
this area has a serious dearth of good sports bars, compared to Atlanta!! But we'll find more venues soon.

Good luck to all the contenders for this year's "Best Venue" competition!

See you next time with more Countdown to the Countdown.
Send in your comments!!

Ole, Ole Ole etc etc.


Unknown said...

Good sports bar -- St. Louis Sports Zone, 113 Kenrick Plaza (Watson Road, SW of the city limits).

Good soccer bar (last time I was there, anyway) Felix's 6335 Clayton Avenue (Clayton Ave. at Tamm). Also try the Scottish Arms, 8 S. Sarah. But SA no longer carries Old Speckled Hen, which was a great disappointment to me last visit.

Van Allen Plexico said...

Scottish Arms! I should have remembered that one. I've watched the Champions League there a few times. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Add Barristers in Clayton -- I haven't seen a game there, but league standings are prominently posted all over.