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UPDATED March 2021: 

A chronological list of all the topics we have covered on the White Rocket Podcast so far (along with affiliated shows: OpenWheel, AvengersAssemble, and early episodes of On Her Majesty's Secret Podcast). With direct links for each episode! 

My eternal thanks to all of my guests and co-hosts on these episodes.
(Co-hosts in parentheses).

All episodes are available at: 
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001 Prometheus (movie review) (Mark Bousquet)
002 Stephen King's The Dark Tower (David Wright)
003 Superheroes in Novels & Beyond, pt 1 (Bobby Politte)
004 James Bond in all media (David Medinnus)
005 Superheroes in Novels & Beyond, pt 2 (Jeff Deischer)
006 Marvel Cinematic Universe, pt 1 (Jim Yelton)
007 Marvel Cinematic Universe, pt 2 (Jim Yelton)
008 Richard Stark's Parker novels & films (Mark Finn)
009 Movies of 2012, pt 1 (Bobby Politte)
010 Movies of 2012, pt 2 (Bobby Politte)
011 A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones (John Ringer)
012 Patrick O'Brian's Master and Commander novels & film (Bryan Crowson)
013 10 Favorite Movies Countdown (John Ringer)
014 James Clavell's Asian Saga (Shogun, etc) novels & films (Rick Lai)
015 Steig Larsson's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo novels & films (James Hickson)
016 Legion I: Lords of Fire (audiobook special)
017 Awards Season 2013 (Bobby Politte)
018 Babylon 5: 20th Anniversary (Bobby Politte)
019 War/Action Films of Alistair MacLean (Navarone/Ice Station Zebra etc) (Mark Bousquet)
020 Superheroes in Novels & Beyond, pt 3 (Ian Healy)
021 Justified (tv series) (Bobby Nash)
022 The Book Cave team interviews Van
023 DragonCon Memories (Keith RA DeCandido)
024 Lucian: Dark God's Homecoming (audiobook special)
025 Alabama Phoenix Festival
026 Star Trek (2009) & Star Trek Into Darkness (Jim Yelton)
027 Warhammer 40,000 & Horus Heresy pt 1 (Josh Reynolds) 
028 Warhammer 40,000 & Horus Heresy pt 2 (Josh Reynolds)
029 Creating Audiobooks (Chris Barnes)
030 Jack "King" Kirby (John Quiring)
031 Jim Beard interview: Batman & More
032 Space: 1999 (Anthony Taylor)
033 Barry Reese interview
034 Hawk: Hand of the Machine (audiobook special)
035 Larry Niven interview at DragonCon 2013
036 Movies of 2013 review (Bobby Politte)
037 Star Trek Original Movies, part 1 (Jim Yelton)
038 Star Trek Original Movies, part 2 (Jim Yelton)
039 Ready Player One (John Ringer)
040 Downton Abbey (Mike Gordon)
041 Windy City Pulp Con Interviews
042 Novel Writing & Influences on The Shattering
043 Novel Writing (Alabama Phoenix Fest)
044 The Cosmic Marvel Universe (Jim Yelton)
045 Animated Superhero Shows (Ethan Ringer)
046 Guardians of the Galaxy movie review (Ralph Angelo and James Hickson)
047 Battlestar Galactica (original series) (Jim Yelton)
048 Andrew Gaska interview (Space: 1999 graphic novels)
049 The X-Men Movies (Percival Constantine)
050 Anniversary Show
051 Marvel Cinematic Universe  - Phase 3 (Jim Yelton)
052 David Wright interview
053 Frank Herbert's Dune novels & films  (John Ringer)
054 Avengers Assemble! (David Wright and Kell Carpenter)
055 Sean Connery & George Lazenby Bond Films pt 1 (John Ringer)
056 Sean Connery & George Lazenby Bond Films pt 2 (John Ringer)
057 Legion II: Sons of Terra (audiobook special)
058 Roger Moore & Timothy Dalton Bond Films pt 1 (John Ringer)
059 Roger Moore & Timothy Dalton Bond Films pt 2 (John Ringer)
060 Graham McNeill interview
061 Conan the Barbarian films (Jim Yelton)
062 Krull & The 13th Warrior (Jim Yelton)
063 Pierce Brosnan Bond Films (John Ringer)
064 Daniel Craig Bond Films  (John Ringer)
065 Hugo Awards Controversy (James Palmer)
066 Bond Villains  (John Ringer)
067 Avengers: Age of Ultron (movie review)
068 Roger Zelazny's Amber Novels, pt 1 (Shawn Michael Vogt)
069 Bruce Boxleitner & Mira Furlan interview at DragonCon
070 Superhero Smackdown at MidSouthCon 2014
071 Parsec Awards Submission Show
072 Sci Fi Literature Jeopardy at DragonCon 2014
073 Game of Thrones Season 5 review  (John Ringer)
074 Legion III: Kings of Oblivion (audiobook special)
075 DragonCon Classic SF Track (Gary Mitchel)
076 Roger Zelazny's Amber Novels, pt 2 (Shawn Michael Vogt)
077 Roger Zelazny's Amber Novels, pt 3 (Shawn Michael Vogt)
078 Peter F Hamilton interview at DragonCon 2015
079 Conventions
080 Thundarr the Barbarian Panel at DragonCon 2015
081 Roger Zelazny Memorial Panel at Archon 2015
082 Harlan Ellison at Archon 2015
083 SPECTRE (James Bond movie review)
084 The Star Wars Phenomenon (John Ringer)
085 Star Wars: The Force Awakens (movie review)  (John Ringer)
086 The Daredevil Panel at DragonCon 2015 
087 Questions for Van About Everything
088 More Questions for Van
089 What are we Reading? (John Ringer)
090 James Bond Opening Action Sequences Ranked, Part 1 (John Ringer)
091 James Bond Opening Action Sequences Ranked, Part 2 (John Ringer)
092 Where Do We Get Our Inspirations and Ideas? (Windy City Con)
093 Captain America: Civil War Instant Reaction
094 Captain America: Civil War Full Discussion (David Wright)
095 Civil War and Beyond (Bobby Politte)
096 Game of Thrones Season 6 So Far (John Ringer)
097 Game of Thrones Season 6 Part 2 (John Ringer)
098 Bond, Batman, Superman and More with Bruce Scivally
099 Game of Thrones Season 6 Final Discussion (John Ringer)
100 Anniversary Show
101 Amber Coming to TV? Special Episode
102 Ranking the James Bond Theme Songs, Part 1 (John Ringer)
103 Ranking the James Bond Theme Songs, Part 2 (John Ringer)
104 Led Zeppelin, Part 1 (Kell Carpenter, Michael Gordon and Aaron Smith)

105 Led Zeppelin, Part 2 (Kell Carpenter, Michael Gordon and Aaron Smith)
106 The Gadgets of Bond (John Ringer and Jarrod Alberich)
107 2001: A Space Odyssey & 2010 (Mark Bousquet)
108 Superheroes in Movies and Comics (Archon 40 panel)
109 The Hugo Awards Minus 50 panel (DragonCon)
110 Baranak Audiobook Special
111 The Ready Player One Panel at DragonCon 2016
112 Shadow Legion (Thomas Deja)
113 Babylon 5 Re/Watch of The Gathering & S1, Episodes 1-2 (Jarrod Alberich)
114 The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (John Ringer)
115 The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (John Ringer)
116 Quantum Leap Re/Watch 001 (Jarrod Alberich)
117 Babylon 5 Re/Watch Season 1 Eps 3-6 (Jarrod Alberich)
118 Michael Connelly’s Bosch & Lincoln Lawyer (John Ringer and Bobby Nash)
119 Space: 1999 Breakaway
120 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (John Ringer)
AvengersAssemble: Avengers 158-166: Graviton, Ultron & Nefaria (David Wright)
AvengersAssemble: David Michelinie Interview, Pt 2: Avengers & Spider-Man
AvengersAssemble: Marvel Movies Talk (George Gaston)
AvengersAssemble: Iron Man Movie Review (Mark Bousquet)
121 The Brother Bones Movie (Ron Fortier and Erik Franklin)
AvengersAssemble: The Korvac Saga (David Wright)
AvengersAssemble: Iron Man 2 Movie Review (Mark Bousquet)
122 Quantum Leap Re/Watch 002 (Jarrod Alberich)
AvengersAssemble: Thanos History
AvengersAssemble: Planet Hulk & Thor: Ragnarok Preview (David Wright)
123 Game of Thrones Season 7 Begins! (John Ringer)
124 Game of Thrones Season 7 ep 2 Stormborn (John Ringer)
125 The Dark Tower Movie - Instant Reaction
126 Game of Thrones Season 7 Episodes 3 4 5 (John Ringer)
127 Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale (John Ringer)
128 Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle at DragonCon 2017
129 The Game of Thrones S7 Lookback Panel at DragonCon 2017
130 The Roger Zelazny Panel at DragonCon 2017
131 The Vikings Panel at DragonCon 2017
132 LIVE AID (Michael Gordon and Kell Carpenter)
133 Jack of All Trades and Cleopatra 2525 at DragonCon 2016
134 Babylon 5 Re/Watch Season 1 Eps 7-10 (Jarrod Alberich)
135 Thor: Ragnarok (John Ringer)
136 Kingdom of Heaven - Extended Edition Review (Mark Bousquet and Jarrod Alberich)
World Cup Special 2018: The Draw
137 Star Wars: The Last Jedi Instant Reaction
138 Lord of the Rings Trivia Holiday Bonanza 2017
139 Levi Stahl on Parker, Donald Westlake and More
140 The Parker Novels Reviewed, Pt 1
141 Ready Player One Movie Review (John Ringer)
AvengersAssemble: Avengers Infinity War Preview Roundtable (Jim Yelton, Joe Crowe, John Ringer, Michael Gordon)
AvengersAssemble: Avengers Infinity War Instant Reaction
142 Charles Soule Interview: Marvel and the Oracle Year
143 Mike Baron Interview: Nexus, Badger, Punisher & More
144 Noble House: Book & Miniseries Review (Jarrod Alberich)
145 Beowulf Adaptations panel from DragonCon 2018 (Jennifer Liang)
146 Battlestar Galactica 40th/15th Anniversary Panel from DragonCon 2018
147 Larry Niven and Steven Barnes at DragonCon 2018
AvengersAssemble First Look at Upcoming Avengers Endgame & Captain Marvel (Jim Yelton)
148 Lord of the Rings Trivia Extravaganza 2018 (John Ringer)
149 Stargate (1994) and Stargate SG:1 (Jim Yelton and Bobby Nash)
150 The Merlin Novels of Roger Zelazny's Amber
151 Stargate Continuum, Atlantis & Universe (Jim Yelton and Bobby Nash)
AvengersAssemble: The Infinity Gauntlet, by Jim Starlin (Michael Gordon)
152 Game of Thrones Season 8 Preview (John Ringer)
153 James Clavell's Tai-Pan
AvengersAssemble: Captain Marvel Movie Review (Jim Yelton)
AvengersAssemble: Avengers Issues 47-62: Roy Thomas/John Buscema (David Wright)
154 Game of Thrones S8 E1-2 (John Ringer)
AvengersAssemble: Avengers Endgame Massive Movie Review (Jim Yelton)
155 Game of Thrones S8 E3 (John Ringer)
156 Game of Thrones S8 E4 (John Ringer)
157 Game of Thrones S8 E5 (John Ringer)
158 Game of Thrones S8 E6 (John Ringer)
159 Sentinels Superhero Novels (David Wright)
160 The Crusade Panel at DragonCon 2019
161 The Books of Van Allen Plexico Panel at DragonCon 2019
162 Van’s Reading at DragonCon 2019
AvengersAssemble: The Avengers Panel at DragonCon 2019
163 Jim Starlin’s Dreadstar (Kell Carpenter)
164 The Space: 1999 Panel at DragonCon 2019
165 The Top 30 TV Series of the Decade
166 Lord of the Rings Trivia Extravaganza 2019 (John Ringer)
167 The Mandalorian, Season 1 Review (Jim Yelton and Alan J Porter)
OpenWheel: "Grand Prix" Movie Review (Alan J Porter)
AvengersAssemble: Scott Harris on Avengers and Crimebusters (Scott Harris)
168 The Winds of War -and- War and Remembrance
169 The Crow (25th Anniversary Panel at DragonCon 2019)
OpenWheel: "Ford vs Ferrari" Movie Review (Alan J Porter)
AvengersAssemble: The Kree-Skrull War (David Wright)
170 The Stand (Novel & 1994 MiniSeries Review w/ Joe Crow and Gary Mitchel)
OpenWheel: "Rush" Movie Review (Alan J Porter)
171 Pop Culture 1977-79 (Michael Gordon and Kell Carpenter)
172 The Jack Ryan Films of the 1990s (Jarrod & Jason Alberich)
OpenWheel: "Driven" Movie Review (Alan J Porter)
AvengersAssemble: Marvel Movie & TV Phase 4 (Jim Yelton)
176 Ready Player Two Novel Discussion (Mira Plexico) 
178 The Mandalorian Season 2 Review (Alan J Porter & Jim Yelton)
179 Stanley Kubrick's Napoleon (Derek Austin Johnson & John Ringer)
180 The Non-Bond Films of Roger Moore (Alan J Porter)
181 The Chowderhead Crusades (JJ Walsh)
OpenWheel: "Senna" Movie Review (Alan J Porter)

All are available at and and at and the most recent episodes are on iTunes.

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